My group, Sam, Kyley, Megan, and I created a Google map that mapped out handicap accessible buildings in Winter Park, FL and the Rollins College area. Each point has information about the buildings handicap accessible entrances, bathrooms, parking, etc. For photos of where each ramp or entrance is located, links connecting to our Flickr accounts have been embedded into the description with more information about these entrances. In the future a map like this could be incorporated onto the Rollins College web page for future/incoming students with handicap disabilities. Providing information such as this for prospective students with disabilities could allow them to apply to a school that would cater to their needs. Maps such as this of public areas can also help handicap visitors see what restuarants and stores they can access conveniently and hassle free before venturing to the Park Ave area. Maps like this should be accessible upon city and college websites.

Our Map!

Wheel Chair Accessibility in Winter Park, FL

This is a map made for our Social Justice Class at Rollins College. We have mapped out locations that Rollins students and Winter Park residents frequently visit.

Here are some statistics about wheelchair users:
1 million wheelchair users
1 out of 250 persons
10,000 people every year are spinal cord injured
82% of spinal cord injuries are male
307,000 under age 44 use wheelchairs–[US Dept of Health]

Here are some websites providing more information about disability services in Winter Park, FL:

Disability Services in Winter Park

Center for Independent Living in Central, FL


Kiva is an awesome website that deals with microcrediting which in short terms is microlending. This is the notion of lending money to individuals who are in poor financial situations and who could not receive loans from other banks or lenders. Kiva is a program which is using social networking to create social change. All Kiva members can find one another’s lending page as well as donate loans to needy people across the globe. My Kiva page is linked below…check it out!

Chelsea’s Kiva Lender Page!

Even though the money you lend is not guaranteed to be returned to you in full, Kiva does not charge interest. Loaning in this case equals making a donation, and who doesn’t oppose the idea of making donations!

Group: Me, Kyley, Sam, Megan

For our final mapping project we will be mapping wheel chair accessibility throughout Winter Park, mainly on Park Ave. and on Rollins campus. Ideally, our final map will be composed of points showing which locations throughout Winter Park have wheel chair access along with links to information posted to our blogs, photos taken and posted to our flickr accounts, and you tube or original video showing peoples reactions and feelings towards the importance of wheel chair accessibility. In order to accomplish this goal of having a multifaceted map, we will stick to this timeline to keep us on track:

Week 1 (April 5-9): Conduct general research on the topic of wheel chair accessibility as a social justice issue

Week 2 (April 12-16): Conduct more in-depth research about the issue in the Winter Park community. This weekend go around in Winter Park and photograph wheel chair accessible places and/or conduct interview(s) with a handicapped person or persons.

Week 3 (April 19-23): Have several group meetings in which we will work on putting all of our information together onto our google map. Have a final meeting where we make sure we have everything we wanted to have and make any final adjustments to our map.

If we stick to this schedule (more or less), our plan of mapping wheel chair accessibility in Winter Park and at Rollins should turn out very well.

I am presenting on the article The Extended Reality of Cross-Media Storytelling which is based around Alternate Reality Gaming and basically participatory culture allowing audiences to literally get involved with their favorite up-and-coming films or even social issues through collaborative storytelling (helping the directors basically write and/or promote films, games, social change, etc). Below are some links you all should to check out before reading this article which will give you some insight on the terms used throughout the article:

Alternative Reality Game

Interactive Storytelling

There is a lot of depth to this article that needs explaining, but it is a very interesting world of cross-media narrating that really needs to by utilized a lot more I think.

The article even ends by saying “Although still pioneering, cross-media storytelling is no longer a novelty and could quickly become a regular of the filmmaking process…it is clear that cinema is becoming far less about watching a film and increasingly more about experiencing it.”

This form of extended reality of cross-media storytelling just might be the new form of movie viewing, forget IMAX and 3D.

This was a very interesting ad I found on mashable…Twitter seems to be jumping on the Facebook bandwagon when it comes to advertisements. They plan to launch ads on the home page and search menus to increase sales for other businesses and popularity.

Twitter Ads

I Google mapped the Sandspur Soccer Stadium because it is one of the central area of Rollins. While mapping the stadium I also mapped a walking route from the soccer stadium to the sports center. This route can help visiting teams find their way from their designated locker room in the sports center to the field, vise versa.

Sandspur Soccer Stadium (Google Maps)

I Google mapped the Alfond Sports Center because individuals may know how to get to Rollins, but in my 3 years here I’ve been asked numerous times by visitors where they can find the Alfond Sports Center. Now visitors can type in “Alfond Sports Center” and get quick directions as well as images of the sports center.

Alfond Sports Center (Google Maps)

Then finally I tied them all together with the Winter Park Farmers Market, one of the poppin’ spots on a Saturday morning…you can take a quick walk to the farmers market before a Saturday afternoon soccer game at the Sandspur Soccer Stadium or basketball game at the Alfond Sports Center.

Rollins Athletics and Events! (Google Map)

Everyone is getting involved in this social world! Now small businesses are getting involved using different social networking tools to educate them on how to “tweet” and “facebook”… Real Results Series

I am no longer participating in my internship or at least the part in which I am to plan a charity bike-a-thon for The Foundation For Tomorrow at Rollins, due to personal reasons. This internship opportunity incorporates social networking to gain support, spread the news/cause, and raise money for the foundation and its annual RideTZ in which 32 riders bike 300 miles across Tanzania, Africa to raise awareness. This internship has been approved by the CMC chair and can count towards academic credit or your CMC practicum. If any one is interested on taking the baton from me to help this worthy cause PLEASE let me know! There is still a lot of work to be done, but the end result will be very rewarding!

Here are the social networking sites hoping to spread justice for these young children in Africa: TFFT Facebook and  RideTZ Facebook also follow them on Twitter at @TFFTAFRICA and @RIDETZ…this is a worthy social justice cause so please PLEASE check it out as well as let me know if you’re interested in pursuing this internship opportunity =) thanks!

Here are the official websites for The Foundation for Tomorrow and RideTZ…these websites help to spread awareness and justice for young orphaned children in Tanzania who deserve a better education and future.

The ProblemFinding ways to connect no-profit organizations to one another and the greater Orlando area through social networking

Mapping a Solution:

Visibility, Networking, Awareness:

This map was set up to show the 3 areas we believed will help to connect organizations which help the homeless and our their platform to connect with other organizations and individuals in the greater Orlando area.

Who should connect:

We believe by focusing on the greater Orlando area and targeting the UCF and Rollins communities we can connect these communities to organizations such as The Coalition for the Homeless, The 2nd Harvest Food Bank, and through social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, Blogrolls, Flickr, and Mass Texting to gain awareness and visibility on the issue of homelessness in Central Florida.

How the Rollins Community Can Get Involved:

More specifically focusing on our own school community we believe organizations such as Greek Life and clubs like ResLife, JUMP, and ACE can help to promote the cause of the homeless across the Rollins community. An example could be to create a Facebook group for the Homeless of Orlando and send it to all Rollins students or one of the organizations could start a fundraisers and raise awareness through social networking tools.

The Next Step & Another Way to Connect:

Here are the links of supporting organizations who do not yet have social networking tools, so I will network for them. Each link gives a little bit of information about the organization as well as photos.

HSNCFL: See what events are going on in the homeless community and how YOU can help

IDignity: An organization helping Orlando citizens gain ID\’s, birth certificates, and social security cards. See what you can do to help!

Coalition for the Homeless: The largest provider of homeless services in Central, FL

ALSO Check out the Coalition for the Homeless blog…see recent events, activities, and how you can help to make a difference!

Through social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, Mass Texting, etc…organizations can bring awareness and visibility to homelessness in our own backyards. These social networking tools can also bring organizations with the same interests together to create their own coalition. With just the click of a button, you, YOU, and yoooou can gain awareness on this ever growing issue in Central, FL as well as seeing what you can do to help.

For more information about this issue and how to solve this networking problem check out these blogs as well:

KatyJulie, Devon, & Stephanie

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